The Next Generation of
Video Advertising.

Video does a better, more descriptive job of presenting and merchandising products. Videolink allows you to deliver richer product presentations and greater impact because consumers spend up to 50% more time with video listings than static listings.

With Videolink you can...

  • create an affordable video merchandising program with large (or small) product selections.
  • offer high-quality videos across your entire site that include data-driven voiceovers, supers and pre-rolls.
  • display your product videos in real-time on web, iOS or mobile devices – all without the need for hard files.
  • syndicate video to hundreds of additional online video destinations for maximum reach.

Change the way you deliver your inventory with Liquidus Videolink.
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How does Videolink Work?

Set-up of new Videolink programs and clients is easy. A Liquidus representative will work with you to arrange to transfer product data, either through properly-formatted data feeds or via APIs. They will also work with you to establish template design, audio formats and music beds.

Importantly, we will also work with you to establish the fundamental strategies of the program which will confirm the video syndication destinations and associated formats. Call us today to get started.

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