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Here are a few of the more commonly-asked questions about Liquidus Video On Demand. For more in-depth information, contact us at 312-337-9888, Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm CST.

Q: Which cable operators can use the Liquidus VOD platform? A: Liquidus has enjoyed its longest relationship with Comcast, the nation's largest MSO, but Liquidus has relationships with most major U.S. cable operators, and can be thought of as a "conduit" for the placement of VOD programs across multiple cable operators nationwide.

Q: How do I find Liquidus VOD products? A: As an example, if you are a Comcast subscriber, use your remote and press the On Demand button, or go to channel 1. You'll get a menu...scroll to the "Searchlight" tab and hit "Select". Depending on your market, you can select a variety of services, such as Real Estate, Autos, Jobs and more. On Demand content can be found in a similar manner on other cable platforms...please contact us directly for specific navigation instructions with other cable operators.

Q: What VOD product categories do you offer? A: Automotive, Real Estate, Jobs, Dining, Retail (Circulars & Catalog), Consumer Package Goods, Travel and more.

Q: Are your products enabled with ETV (Enhanced TV) capabilities? A: Cable operators have been slowly rolling out these capabilities, which will allow consumers to have additional navigation and transactional capabilities (such as purchasing items through their TV sets). Liquidus is implementing many of these capabilities as they're becoming available for us directly for more information and updates.

Q: How are VOD ads created and syndicated? A: Liquidus takes in a data feed for an inventory of products (such as all the cars on a dealer lot). This data includes photos and information on the vehicles. Liquidus takes that information and puts it into a VOD template, creates camera effects and transitions between photos, lays down a music bed and creates automated voiceovers that narrate highlights about the vehicle. We then sort the vehicles by body type and price, then push them to the cable operator's headends in the markets the listings are to be run. The operator then pushes them live on the appropriate on-demand channels for consumers to access and shop 24/7.

Q: How long are VOD listings? A: A VOD listing is typically :05 - :30 in length, though you can make them as short or as long as you'd like. If you have a large assortment of retail products, you may want to make each listing shorter, versus real estate listings which you may prefer to present in a longer format.

Contact a Liquidus representative by calling 312-337-9888, 9:00am – 5:00pm weekdays CST. We'll work with you to help decide on the inventory you'd like to feature in which markets. We'll work on establishing strategy, program duration, templates, offers and implementations that are likely to maximize your success.

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