"VOD has provided a great extension for the reach of our Monster.com listings to TV across Comcast markets. Liquidus has made the process of updating and distributing these listings turn-key every week. We look forward to taking even greater advantage of this marketing opportunity as more and more iTV applications become available."

Laura Marx
Director of Strategy and Development,
Media Alliances Monster.com

Interactive TV.
Video On Demand.

According to Nielsen, 99% of all video is still watched on TV, so TV is still key to maximizing reach. But for product- and sales-focused marketing, it needs to be affordable, flexible and response-oriented like the Internet. Liquidus inexpensively produces, syndicates and updates localized VOD advertising to U.S. cable operators. Products featured on VOD get hundreds-of-thousands of opt-in views every day, which are far more valuable than the passive views delivered through traditional TV advertising. With VOD...

  • your products are heroes on the biggest screen in the household.                 
  • your products can enjoy the same 24/7 presence on TV they get on the Internet
  • new interactive TV capabilities make products available for shopping with a click of the remote anytime.

Change the way you deliver your inventory with Liquidus Video On Demand.
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How does Liquidus Video On Demand Work?

Getting started is easy.

  • Select markets in which you wish to promote your products—over 40 million digital VOD homes available nationwide.
  • Select template, layout and design style for your VOD features.
  • Select products and offers you wish to feature and provide the data to Liquidus...we take care of the rest.

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