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Q: What is Liquidus Socialink? A: Liquidus Socialink is a video inventory application for Facebook. We create a tab wihin your Facebook presence where visitors can come to check out your complete selection of products in the form of video.

Q: What is required to use Liquidus Socialink? A: All that is required is a Facebook local business page. You can create one for free by visiting this page:

Q: If I use this product does that mean Liquidus will manage my Facebook page? A: No, Liquidus Socialink is an application that is installed to your current Facebook page

Q: Is installation difficult? A: No, Liquidus Socialink is easily installed through a quick three step process. Once installed your product inventory is automatically displayed and continuously updated.

Q: Does Liquidus Socialink include video? A: Yes, each vehicle or product in your inventory feed will be merchandised with real-time video.

Q: In which product verticals can I use Liquidus Socialink? A: Currently Liquidus Socialink is an automotive video application. If you have an interest in a non-automotive Facebook video inventory application, please let us know.

Contact a Liquidus representative by calling 312-337-9888, 9:00am – 5:00pm weekdays CST. We'll work with you to help you establish an online video strategy, and help you select inventories, customizations and creative that will help you achieve your goals across the target destinations you wish to distribute video.

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