Liquidus video products open up powerful new ways to reach and engage consumers with a rich presentation of your products. Best of all, they're affordable and nearly turn-key to implement across media—web, mobile and TV.

Your Full Inventory. One Smart Banner.

Bannerlink delivers a complete, searchable inventory of product videos through a single attention-grabbing banner unit to improve product merchandising, consumer engagement and response. Bannerlink generates up to 8x the engagement rate of traditional Rich Media banners in virtually any product category. This means greater awareness, lead-generation and sales. Bannerlink meets all IAB standards, and is great for local or national buys. Because it is data driven, it can be updated with new information quickly and easily.

Web Product Videos That Wow Them.

Create an affordable video merchandising program for all your products and distribute them everywhere to maximize SEO. Get the sensory power of videos across your entire site that include data-driven voiceovers, supers and pre-rolls. On-site video can be updated automatically with new information on-the-fly—no editing necessary! Player menus allow consumers to contact advertisers, forward to a friend, map locations and more. Turn the videos into flat files and distribute on YouTube and other video-destination sites.

Interactive Video Listings on Television.

Leverage the power of TV to deliver real estate & auto listings, retail products, package-goods offers, restaurant & travel features, and more directly into consumers' homes and onto their TVs. Liquidus inexpensively produces and syndicates localized VOD advertising to U.S. cable operators. Your products can have the same 24/7 presence on TV that they get on the Internet, getting tens-of-thousands of views every day. New interactive TV capabilities make products available for shopping anytime with a click of the remote.

Your Complete Video Inventory on Facebook.

Liquidus Socialink is a video inventory application for Facebook. After a one-time, simple installation, your vehicle video inventory is automatically displayed and continuously updated. Vehicle video, lead generation tools and dealer information complete the user experience. For advertisers, Socialink is an excellent way to get video inventory in front of millions of Facebook users.

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