Is Online Video Effective?

Jason SteeleBy Kirk Davis
on January 28th, 2014

For year’s we’ve been asked this question. Anyone with a penchant for ad metrics recognizes that it’s a hilarious question. Right up there with, “Is rain a good thing?” Or, perhaps more relevantly, “Is advertising effective?”

Seeing the question in this light, you immediately see that the wrong question was being asked. The right question might be: “Is MY video advertising effective?”

The answer to the wrong question is, OF COURSE VIDEO CAN HELP INCREASE SALES! But video is just a format that creates movement of images. The question is how to maximize it; quit asking the wrong question.

When you ask the right question, it leads to more of the right questions…questions you can get answers to by testing and measuring.

  • Where am I putting video content on my site?
  • How many clicks into the site does it take to get to this content?
  • Am I highlighting video content/links on my product details pages? (If a tree falls in a forest…?)
  • How long is my video? What’s the completion rate?
  • Is anyone going to wait for it to download on a mobile device in this format?
  • Is there a solid call to action? Is the pre-roll too long? Etc.

In short, you’re going to ask the same type of questions about video that you ask about any of your advertising executions.

We have an automotive partner who’s asked for years about needing to do research across our customer base to come up with an industry metric that says that video is effective…that “vehicle video advertising lifts sales by x%”. Good luck with that attribution. (I keep pretending I’m deaf to be polite.)

Why am I being so facetious? Because it’s not a question of “if” but how you execute that matters. Sure, you can spend a fortune doing cross-site studies to come up with an erroneous number—many do. If you aggregate video viewership metrics across a bunch of sites that do a poor job of executing video, you’re going to get a poor and erroneous result that might indicate video is less effective. (Speaking for us, I can tell you all of our customers could do a better job with video marketing.)

But, if I must further answer the wrong question, as Liquidus prepares to serve its BILLIONTH video this March, I can only say, yes, a few folks think its an effective format. And, there are a thousand stats out there that show video can be effective for advertisers. The question is, do you execute like they do?

Click here for just one portal filled with such info (usually specific to advertisers). Enjoy.

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