Car Shoppers Heavily Influenced by Facebook Ads

Jason SteeleBy Jason Steele
on April 24th, 2014

According to a new study by comScore and General Motors, users searching for new and used vehicles are more likely to visit car-model pages on facebook and thus directed to the brands website – thanks to paid facebook ads. In fact, total page views on product pages were shown to increase 46% thanks to paid promo ads running on the social network. In addition, the facebook ads also increase traffic to the car brand’s website by as much as 37%.

ComScore ran the test on facebook ads from May to August of2013 and examined five major automotive campaigns and the results were encouraging. But it wasn’t just lift in page views and clicks. The ads also increase research activity on sales sites like,, and And repeat searches from targeted facebook ads were up 9%.

There are a lot of stats to take in but all are interesting. As the user-base of facebook ages, their tastes change. The early adopters, tweens et al, are now at the age where car buying is on the table. And research by them or their parents, is influenced by the ads.

In fact, when an OEM runs a paid facebook ad, not only does their general brand searches (on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) increase by 10% but their competitors searches drop by as much as 14%.

"This study shines a spotlight on how Facebook influences mid-funnel behavior and demonstrates that automotive ads on Facebook make your overall campaigns work harder," said Kass Dawson, head of automotive strategy at facebook. These findings support the Internet Advertising Bureau’s report from January that stated auto shoppers are 71% more likely to be influenced by digital ads compared to others. All-in-all, targeted paid facebook ads are working for the auto industry.

The full report can be found here

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