Your Entire Inventory.
Just One Banner Ad.

Bannerlinks provide a unique shopping experience within a Web banner allowing users to engage with your entire inventory as video without leaving the site they're already browsing. Bannerlinks...

  • are "transaction-centric" display ads designed to generate immediate ROI
  • allow you to merchandise more products with video than any other rich media display-ad product
  • allow you to optimize product selections based on response data as your campaign is running

Change the way you deliver your inventory with Liquidus Bannerlink.
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How does Bannerlink Work?

Set-up is simple. Advertisers provide inventory data (following a simple spreadsheet template or through a 3rd-party data provider) for the product listings they wish to include, along with an Order Form. You can then...

  • select size, design style and color.
  • choose banner expansion direction, calls-to-action and button labels.
  • add tags to distribute creative to multiple pages or publishers and get detailed reporting for each distribution point.

Bannerlinks are typically ready to publish in just a few days with provisioning tools that make it easy to edit display options and view traffic reports.

Also note, that the videos you create to run within Bannerlink can also be distributed Videolinks on regular and mobile websites, as Socialink videos on Facebook or as TV listings on VOD.

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